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 (sī′klə-spôr′ēn, -ĭn) also cy·clo·spor·in (-ĭn) or ci·clo·spor·in
An immunosuppressive drug obtained from the soil fungus Tolypocladium inflatum, used to prevent the rejection of transplanted organs.


(ˌsaɪkləʊˈspɔːrɪn) or


(Pharmacology) a variant spelling of ciclosporin
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25), and observed a substantial improvement in the consistency of cyclosporin A recovery across the 20 samples ([CV.
Treatment basically consists of the application of lacrimomimetics, anti-inflammatory agents (except in the presence of ulcerative keratitis), and mainly lacrimostimulants such as cyclosporin A (ANDRADE & LAUS, 1997; GRAHN & STOREY, 2004).
The women, aged 31-48 years, had been taking cyclosporin A for one to eight years.
Based on promising results from animal studies, researchers report that the drug cyclosporin A should be clinically tested on people with severe lupus, according to the National Institute of Arthritis, Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS).
The calcineurin inhibitor cyclosporin A (CsA) is used as a primary immunosuppressant in solid organ transplantation and for the treatment of many autoimmune diseases.
This finding suggested immunosuppression as a major influencing factor because all patients had received prednisolone and cyclosporin A medication.
Wilder said he is reluctant to label the immunosuppressive drug cyclosporin A (CSA) anything more than a "potentially promising approach" to treating rheumatoid arthritis, but he admitted his group is excited about research results with the drug at NIADDK'S Arthritis and Rheumatism Branch.