Cylinder axis

(Anat.) See Axis cylinder, under Axis.

See also: Cylinder

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5D to 20D in a cylinder axis direction of the twin screw kneader.
In the first study, the effect of the two types of direction of in-cylinder mixture stratification on combustion was researched: the first shape of in-cylinder mixture stratification is parallel to bore axis and the second shape of that is parallel to cylinder axis.
Students of solid geometry will realize that the further we move the locking bolt off the cylinder axis, the more difficult it is to keep it fully engaged with the cylinder slot.
To service the little guns you simply extract the cylinder axis pin via a spring-loaded detent and remove the cylinder.
The cylinder axis tolerances were set in bands in the uncut lens standards so that the angular error would induce no more than a 0.
Given the stress concentration, its serious changes near the hole and the fact that points away from the hole are less influenced, dimensions of elements are considered smaller near the opening (at least once as hole diameter); more away from the opening along the cylinder axis, decreasing its due effects and unifying the stresses, the larger elements we have.
jwt] time convention is used), may be electric or magnetic, producing an incident field that is, respectively, transverse-magnetic (TM) or transverse-electric (TE) to the cylinder axis.
Within each grain, the microstructure showed well-defined HPC ordering, whereas in the adjacent grains the orientations of the cylinder axis changed and consequently there was no long-range order.
The cylinder has a slot cut all along its length of width ~ 8 in, and this slot is positioned on the cylinder centered along a line horizontally even with the cylinder axis.
The equation of a profile deviation in a cross-section of the cylinder can be best written into the polar co-ordinates system with a centre on the cylinder axis.
The WG sports an ingenious gas ring system that was used to prevent the filthy blackpowder gases from getting into the cylinder axis and fouling the weapon.
Due to the mutation of the air flow direction, the hindrance force blocking fluid motion is formed, which causes the local energy loss, the rotated movement around the cylinder axis is strengthened in the cylinder, whereas the intake efficiency is reduced.