cylinder seal

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cyl′inder seal`

(esp. in ancient Mesopotamia) a small cylinder carved with the seal of a king or other authority and rolled upon a clay document as an official signature.
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In this volume, five authors publish in hand-drawings and large photos 118 cylinder seals, excavated from two sites in the Hamrin Basin, Tell Suleimeh on the other bank of Me-Turan, and Tell Halawa about twenty kilometers north of Me-Turan.
I have suggested in a discussion on monkeys to which Hamoto does not refer (Catalogue of the Western Asiatic Seals in the British Museum, Cylinder Seals, III: Isin-Larsa and Old Babylonian Periods [London: Trustees of the British Museum, 1986], 45-47) that the gift of a monkey to Ibbi-Sin, the last king of the Third Dynasty of Ur, which gave rise to a "genre literature" (such as the "Letter of a monkey to its mother"), inaugurated a fashion in monkeys as a status symbol among the Amorite rulers who were establishing their kingdoms at the beginning of the second millennium B.C.
Certainly, those scarabs he identifies as the Omega- and Jasper groups ([sections]54-58) were locally made, amply shown by their engraving techniques and the subject matter of their designs, at least partially drawn from the repertoire of west Asiatic cylinder seals. Local design motifs also include the "toga-wearer" ([sections]569-70), the "naked goddess" ([sections]574-76), and the figures of Baal-Hadad and Reshef ([sections]571-73).
One local product is a series of rectangular seals dominated by animal motifs, made in materials other than steatite, having connections with Syro-Mittannian cylinder seals. In the early Iron Age, the Ramesside Massenware made for distribution in Canaan continues to be attested.
The publication of this small but difficult collection of unprovenanced seals is a welcome addition to the existing corpora on cylinder seals. The Aleppo Museum's collection of seals from stratified contexts, though larger, should be easier, and we look forward to its publication as well.
She points out that the figure of the nude goddess was derived from Syrian cylinder seals of the first half of the second millennium B.C.
[USPRwire, Thu Jul 25 2019] Lip Seals Market: Introduction Lip seals are also called oil seals, or hydraulic cylinder seals, or shaft seals.
Amir Arjomand said, "Eighty-six pieces of clay dishes, arrowheads and cylinder seals were discovered in the area." They were buried with the dead, he added.
The restored collection at the National Museum included hundreds of cylinder seals, the subject of Gailani's 1977 dissertation at the University of London.
Third, the book contains a "review" of her 1934 dissertation on Akkadian cylinder seals, written under the direction of Viktor Christian at the Universitat Wien.