cylinder seal

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cyl′inder seal`

(esp. in ancient Mesopotamia) a small cylinder carved with the seal of a king or other authority and rolled upon a clay document as an official signature.
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The Great Twins were envisioned as the Gatepost-Holders of Enki and shown as such on numerous cylinder seals carved during the 3rd millennium BC.
Pro Seal specializes in hydraulic cylinder seals (rod/piston seals, wipers, wear bands, etc.
A set of double cylinder seals | T000000002 |Hydraulic cylinder RH 600-2 V | 89775 amount.
The launch of these new LPG cylinder seals will maintain the highest safety standards in the LPG industry.
The first cylinder seals show rows of animals such as fish and cattle, as well as human workers, and they may have been used by administrators responsible for different 'departments' of large agricultural estates, some of which almost certainly belonged to temples.
Other discoveries include gemstones and five cylinder seals, some produced locally and some possibly from Syria and Mesopotamia, and a bronze dagger," Fischer said.
Thousands of cylinder seals (2) are kept in museums across the world with artefacts from the ancient Near East.
Additionally it is built with European original hydraulic cylinder seals and telescopic steel wire rope.
Cylinder seals small cylinder-shaped stones etched with figures and cuneiform used as a signet occasionally featured men and women in erotic poses.
This world-view of Meluhha is discerned from hundreds of cylinder seals with hundreds of hieroglyphs - as visible language or incised Meluhha speech.
1 MESOPOTAMIAN CYLINDER SEALS Dating to circa 3500 BC, cylinder seals were typically carved in stone and pierced end to end, to be strung and worn as necklaces.
Frayne contributes an attempt to identify Gilgames in Akkadian cylinder seals.