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Noun1.Cynocephalidae - a family of Dermoptera
mammal family - a family of mammals
Dermoptera, order Dermoptera - flying lemurs
Cynocephalus, genus Cynocephalus - type genus of the family Cynocephalidae
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Family CYNOCEPHALIDAE Cynocephalus volans MFRE LC (Philippine Flying Lemur) V.
Polydactylism has been observed in Cricetidae (Price, 1969), Muridae (Brown, 1996), Leporidae (Murie, 1934), Sciuridae (Dunaway, 1969), Cynocephalidae (Shute and Bellaire, 1955), and Cervidae (Daniel and Kershaw, 1964; Miller and Cawley, 1970; Stone et al., 1970; Davidson, 1971; Miller and Broughton, 1971).