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Noun1.Cynocephalus - type genus of the family CynocephalidaeCynocephalus - type genus of the family Cynocephalidae
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
Cynocephalidae, family Cynocephalidae - a family of Dermoptera
colugo, flying cat, flying lemur - arboreal nocturnal mammal of southeast Asia and the Philippines resembling a lemur and having a fold of skin on each side from neck to tail that is used for long gliding leaps
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An automated camera was used as a tool in the fruitless search for the Tasmanian Tiger Thylacinus cynocephalus.
Otro grupo de especies de desaparicion historica mas reciente (siglos XVIII, XIX y XX), cuyo caso mas extremo es el tristemente celebre "lobo de Tasmania", Thylacynus cynocephalus, tambien resulta como consecuencia del ingreso del hombre occidental, pero especialmente el ingreso de depredadores exoticos medianos y grandes (felidos y canidos domesticos) que causaron y causan grandes danos a la fauna autoctona de Australia, Tasmania y Nueva Guinea.
Cynocephalus volans, a Mindanao Faunal Region endemic species and categorized as Least Concern was also uncommon at lower elevations in this study.
Table, Sample information and nested PCR screening results for bufavirus, Zambia Animal, * species (common name) Location Year Primate Papio cynocephalus (yellow baboon) Mfuwe 2009 P.
It also displays a mythical dog-headed creature called a cynocephalus, which is shown holding a paw up to its lips, as if mimicking Harpocrates' gesture, Live Science said.
1996) en babuinos de la sabana (Papio cynocephalus ursinus), al controlar estadisticamente los efectos del parentesco (las hembras estrechamente emparentadas suelen tener rangos similares en numerosas especies de cercopitecinos: Melnick & Pearl 1987) el efecto de la asimetria del rango desaparecio.
It looks at hybrid creatures: human/animal combinations, like the cynocephalus dog-faced men popular in medieval legends, or even human/vegetal mashups, like the 1940s comic book figure The Heap profiled in John Block Friedman's 'Foreword' to the book.
13) Huxley's work on a species of cynocephalus (apes with doglike heads) in his seminal Man's Place in Nature (1863) synthesized the human's anatomical function with that of the dog (Figure 2) most explicitly in its representation of a seemingly genuine hybrid between human's closest animal relative (the ape) and the canine (the animal long considered as "man's best friend").
Marmoset," loosely meaning a "small murmuring mouse," originally described the cynocephalus, or a species of dog-headed wild men known for engorged phalluses and violent assaults on women and children.
Este comportamiento no se habia registrado en otra especie de mamifero con excepcion del Papio cynocephalus (Linnaeus, 1766) "babuinos" con una intrincada organizacion social (Connor et al.