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Noun1.Cynoscion - sea troutCynoscion - sea trout        
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
family Sciaenidae, Sciaenidae - warm-water marine fishes including the drums and grunts and croakers and sea trout
Cynoscion regalis, weakfish - food and game fish of North American coastal waters with a mouth from which hooks easily tear out
Cynoscion nebulosus, spotted sea trout, spotted squeateague, spotted weakfish - weakfish of southern Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of United States
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As an alternative, soybean oil has been used to replace fish oil, which has been evaluated in several species such as seabream (Sparus aurata), cobia (Rachycentron canadum), meagre (Argrysomus regius) and shortfin weakfish (Cynoscion parvipinnis) (Martinez-Llorens et al., 2007, Trushenski et al., 2011; Emre et al., 2016; Gonzalez-Felix et al., 2016, respectively).
Growth, development, and reproduction in Gulf Corvine (Cynoscion othonopterus).
Mendonca e Miranda (2008) apontaram na producao pesqueira do Sul do Estado de Sao Paulo a captura da pescada-amarela (Cynoscion acoupa), pescada-banana (Nebris micros), pescada-branca (Cynoscion leiarchus), pescada-cambucu (Cynoscion virescens), pescada-dentao (Cynoscion microlepdotus), pescada-foguete (Macrodon ancylodon) e pescadinha (Isopisthus parvipinnis), como as principais do referido grupo.
2.6 3.0 Scombridae Thunnus thynnus 4.5 5.9 Sciaenidae Bairdiella chrysoura 1.6 -- Sciaenidae Cynoscion spp.
Glycoconjugates in the mucosa of the digestive tract of Cynoscion guatucupa: a histochemical study.
1960 Cynoscion nobilis) Lepeophtheirus Polyp rionidae Stereolepis gigas longipes Wilson 1905 Ayres.
The whitemouth croaker, Micropogonias furnieri occurred in this group along with other demersal sciaenid fishes (Paralonchurus brasiliensis (Steindachner, 1875), Stellifer rastrifer (Jordan, 1889), Umbrina canosai Berg, 1895, Cynoscion microlepidotus (Cuvier, 1830)).
L., Mercury contamination in spotted seatrout, Cynoscion nebulosis: an assessment of liver, kidney, blood, and nervous system health' Science of the Total Environment., 2010; 408(23): 5808-5816.
The most prevalent by-catch species were pogi (Brevoortia patronus), cutlass fish (Assurger anzac), white trout (Paralichtys albigutta), Atlantic menhaden (Brevoortia tyrannus), croaker (Micropognias undulates), spot (Cynoscion arenarius), and mantis shrimp (Leiostomus xanthurus).