Cynoscion nebulosus

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Noun1.Cynoscion nebulosus - weakfish of southern Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of United StatesCynoscion nebulosus - weakfish of southern Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of United States
sea trout - any of several sciaenid fishes of North American coastal waters
weakfish - lean flesh of food and game fishes of the Atlantic coast of the United States
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Penaeus discard Penaeid shrimp discard (brown,white, pink) General sharks Sharks grouped Lutjanus synagris Lane snapper Scomberomorus maculatus Spanish mackerel Rhomboplites aurorubens Vermilion snapper Sciaenops ocellatus Red drum Scomberomorus cavalla King mackerel Paralichthys lethostigma Southern flounder Pogonias cromis Black drum Cynoscion nebulosus Spotted seatrout Rachycentron canadum Cobia Penaeus spp.
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