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Noun1.Cyon - Asiatic wild dogCyon - Asiatic wild dog      
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
Canidae, family Canidae - dogs; wolves; jackals; foxes
Cuon alpinus, dhole - fierce wild dog of the forests of central and southeast Asia that hunts in packs
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On the one hand, this punctuation represents Raymond's immense excitement for the experiment, in a mode that evokes an affect similar to Cyon's vivisection treatise.
Under the terms of the licensing agreement, Cyon acquires the worldwide rights to the anti-PCSK9 antibody for use in SIRS (systemic inflammatory response syndrome) and the prevention and treatment of sepsis.
Cobbe's 1880s antivivisection pamphlets adopted a more aggressive tone, and French physiologists such as Bernard or the Russian-French Cyon were targeted more severely than ever.
During a CEO keynote panel at the Annual Insurance Executive Conference held here, Fred Eppinger, CEO of Hanover Insurance Group, said, "[The crisis] put everything Cyon steroids,' but the need to look at insurance companies like banks is a ginned-up one because only one insurance company had problems, and that was in non-insurance areas.
1, "Top administration officials and lead contractors appeared before this committee, looked us in the eye and assured us repeatedly that everything was Cyon track.'" Upton said.
In December 1892, Witte's archenemy, professor of medicine II'ia Faddeich Tsion--spelled Elie de Cyon in French, under which name he published--wrote to Konstantin Pobedonostsev: "If, God forbid, the truth about our fictitious budgets and the even more fictitious state question were to leak to the press, Russia's credit would sustain an irreparable blow." (64) In April 1893, Tsion published in Paris a brochure titled Les exploits de M.
Cyon Research [46] provides an example: "although a door has an independent existence, it will move with a wall in which it has been inserted." (Design professionals will recognise that the concept of "parametric integrity" is being discussed here.) For designers and builders, this means that amendments to building designs can be made rapidly, easily, and accurately as all of the related elements of a particular drawing are adjusted at the same time.
"People who are protected from estates taxes under the current exemption/tax levels, and were Cyon the cusp' now realize they might have a greater liability and could decide to establish an irrevocable trust," Siegler said.
Diogenes was the first of the "cynics," who got their name from the Greek word for dog, cyon, apparently due to Diogenes' many disturbing and dog-like violations of social convention.
In the second half of 2004, Cyon brand of LGE's Mobile Communication Division was suffering from such poor financial performance and brand image that LGE management and employees were being pressured to come up with a product that would turn the tide.
"It was 1975 when I first predicted that within five years, all mechanical engineers would be doing only 3D," laughs Joel Orr, vice president and chief visionary for Cyon Research Corp.