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Noun1.Cyphomandra - tree tomatoCyphomandra - tree tomato        
asterid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous herbs and some trees and shrubs
family Solanaceae, potato family, Solanaceae - large and economically important family of herbs or shrubs or trees often strongly scented and sometimes narcotic or poisonous; includes the genera Solanum, Atropa, Brugmansia, Capsicum, Datura, Hyoscyamus, Lycopersicon, Nicotiana, Petunia, Physalis, and Solandra
tamarillo, tree tomato - South American arborescent shrub having pale pink blossoms followed by egg-shaped reddish-brown edible fruit somewhat resembling a tomato in flavor
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Protective effects of tamarillo (Cyphomandra betacea) extract against high-fat diet-induced obesity in Sprague-Dawley rats.
Molecular studies resulted in changes of infrageneric positions, with the inclusion of Lycopersicon and Cyphomandra in Solanum (Bohs, 1995), outlining broader phylogenetic hypotheses both for the family and for the genus (Agra et al., 2009).
Potencial de propagacion in vitro para el tomate de arbol partenocarpico Cyphomandra betacea Cav.
y Cyphomandra betacea Sendt), la papa posee flores pendulares, actinomorfas, con petalos reflejos con un cono de estambres prominente, de filamentos cortos, gruesos y anteras poricidas y con dehiscencia introsa; ademas de un solo estilo que, generalmente, sobresale de la punta del cono que forman las anteras.
"bad air" in Spanish) 59 Cyphomandra betacea PPN-so-014 Infection of the (Cav.) Solanaceae throat 60 Carica pubescens PPN-cc-003 Nerves and diarrhea Lenne & C.
anthropophagrum Miers, NA 61 Oxalidaceae, Mizabibu T Homestead Fr Averrhoa carambola compound L., NA 79 Solanaceae, Ekinyanya S Behind a Fr Cyphomandra Kraal betacea Walker, NA 21 Dioscoreaceae, Balugu H Banana T plantation Dioscorea cayenensis Lam., NA 81 Palmae, Ekinazi T Homestead Fr Elaeise guineense compound Pax., NA 15 Basellaceae, Nderema Cl Live fence Lvs Basella alba L., NA 38 Fabaceae, Ebigaaga Cl Fence near Seeds Phaseolus spp, NA kraal 78 Punicaceae, Nkomamawa T Road side Fr Punica granatum L., nga NA 5 Zingiberaceae, Ttungulu H Wetland Fr Aframomum alboviolaceum K.
Protective Effects of Tamarillo (Cyphomandra betacea) Extract against High Fat Diet Induced Obesity in Sprague-Dawley Rats.