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Noun1.Cypraea - type genus of the family Cypraeidae: the typical cowries
mollusk genus - a genus of mollusks
Cypraeidae, family Cypraeidae - family of marine gastropods comprising the cowries
cowrie, cowry - any of numerous tropical marine gastropods of the genus Cypraea having highly polished usually brightly marked shells
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annulus, known as the gold ring cowrie, is a small Cypraea type and belongs to the Cypraeidae family [32,33].
Gray, 1825) Luria lurida (Linnaeus, 1758) Cypraea tigris (Linnaeus, 1758) Ficus gracilis (G.
Basmayor also keeps a single specimen of the smallest cypraea seashell, which measures about 2 centimeters.
From gastropod inhabit among/under intertidal rocks: Diodora, Trochus, Planaxis, Cronia, Lunella, Nerita, Cerithium, Cypraea and Hexaplex.
The first contains only one bead, which is the shell of Cypraea moneta (or 'money cowrie', named after the use of this shell as money since ancient times).
2007, 2014), where crowded barnacles showed thinner shell or cirral appendages compared with solitary barnacles; and in the gastropod Cypraea annulus (Irie, 2006), where juvenile shell size and callus thickness decreased with increasing density.
A new species of cowry (Mollusca: Cypraeidae: Cypraea, subgenus Nesiocypraea) from southern Mojambique.
A specimen of Cypraea pantherina in a grave of Augusta Emerita during High Roman Empire
en el ano de 2002 Colombia posee un total de 26 especies amenazadas, (Figura 8), Corales 7 especies asi: en peligro, Acropora palmata, en peligro critico Acropora cervicornis y vulnerables Gorgonia ventalina, Acropora prolifera, Stephanocoenia intersepta, Mussa angulosa y Eusmilia fastigiata; Moluscos 14 especies todas en categoria vulnerable, asi: Cittarium pica, Strombus gigas, Cypraea surinamensis, Muracypraea mus, entre otras; Crustaceos 7 especies destacando a Litopenaeus schmitti y Panulirus argus.
charcoal Ua Huka Manihina Dune, 980-1260 Cypraea shell basal stratum Nuku Hiva Anaho, below 1042-1264 unid.