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 (sĭp′rē-ət, -ŏt′) also Cyp·ri·ote (-ōt′, -ət)
1. A native or inhabitant of Cyprus. Also called Cyprian.
2. The ancient or modern Greek dialect of Cyprus.
1. Of or relating to Cyprus or its people or culture.
2. Of or relating to Cypriot Greek.

[French cypriote, from Greek Kupriōtēs, from Kupros, Cyprus.]
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Noun1.Cypriote - a native or inhabitant of CyprusCypriote - a native or inhabitant of Cyprus  
Cyprus - an island in the eastern Mediterranean
European - a native or inhabitant of Europe
Adj.1.Cypriote - of or relating to Cyprus or its people or culture; "Cypriot expatriates"; "Cypriote monasteries"
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In the second, building pillars to keep 'em out is purely a Cypriote trick, unworthy of British bees.
It was co-signed by Saudi Minister of Finance Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Jadaan and the Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides for the Cypriote side, an executive program was also co-signed between the General Authority of Civil Aviation of the Kingdom and the Ministry of Transport of Cyprus.
A descriptive atlas of the Cesnola Collection of Cypriote antiquities.
Kelahmet, "Prevalence of impacted and transmigrated canine teeth in a Cypriote orthodontic population in the Northern Cyprus area," BMC Research Notes, vol.
The students at Pennsylvania State University did not agree with the statements made by the Cypriote students; instead, they strongly agreed that their choice of education as a major resulted from their --love of teaching children, of working with young children, and by their perceived inborn talent for teaching.
This price rise could be partially explained by the devaluation of the Romanian national currency, the leu, against the Euro, a phenomenon that has been fueled lately by the situation of the Cypriote banks that have branches in Romania.
Kurdistan dominated early possession with Karzan Abdullah a prominent part of the side's attacks and with Halgurd Mullah Muhammad marauding down the wings to torment the Cypriote goalkeeper.
He gained a wealth of international experience playing for Northern Ireland and also managing APOEL in Cyprus, leading them to the Cypriote League Championship.
Excavations suggest that their material culture was Mycenaean Cypriote besides the Canaanite and Egyptian.
NNA - 31/5/2011 'Palestinian cause was and will remain the sole instigator of events,' Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Kassem said on Tuesday in an encounter with Cypriote Foreign Affairs Minister Markos Kypriano in presence of Cypriote Ambassador Homer Mafromatis and Hezbollah international relations responsible Ammar Moussawi.
1 leave unaddressed here the question of the Cypriote clement [upsilon].
The Cypriote syllabary is not as familiar to most Classicists as Linear B is.