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An ancient Greek city of Cyrenaica. Founded c. 630 bc, it was noted as an intellectual center with distinguished schools of medicine and philosophy.


(Placename) an ancient Greek city of N Africa, near the coast of Cyrenaica: famous for its medical school


(saɪˈri ni)

an ancient Greek city in N Africa, in Cyrenaica.


[saɪˈriːnɪ] n Simon of Cyreneil Cireneo
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The answer to these questions was supplied by the "Telegony", a poem in two books by Eugammon of Cyrene (fl.
So Herodotus recounts that when the people of Cyrene asked the oracle of Delphi to help them in their dissensions, the oracle told them to go to Mantinea, and the Mantineans lent them Demonax, who acted as a "setter straight" and drew up a new constitution for Cyrene.
Groups like JCI Legazpi-Dawani, Team Albay Youth Organizations, Rotaract Club of Legazpi Central and Simon of Cyrene (based in Daraga) started collecting donations and giving out assorted goods to evacuees.
Later his father became Dean of the Faculty of English at the University of Fort Hare, and later still was honoured by Rhodes University with an honorary doctorate and by the Anglican Church with the Order of Simon of Cyrene.
A life-size marble Dionysus from Cyrene in the next room holds a bunch of grapes.
The area's east, with no big populations, was called Marmarica; the more important western portion was Pentapolis, comprising five cities: Cyrene with its port of Apollonia (Marsa Susa), Arsinoe Taucheira (Tocra), Euesperides near Benghazi, Balagrae (Bayda) and Barce.
The third project is the Ptolemaica Project, a study of the ties between Cyrene, Cyprus and Alexandria of Egypt in the Ptolemaic era, directed by Prof.
They include: Cyrene, a Greek colony founded in 631 B.
Simon of Cyrene and the Legend of the Easter Egg Terri DeGezelle, author Gabhor Utomo, illustrator Pauline Books & Media 50 St.
A delegation of 10 students out of the total of 64 students - headed by Cyrene S.
My mind goes right to the kid who Put Batman there; his mom was in charge of the Easter flowers, He and Batman were having a ball swinging from limb to limb, And then suddenly she swoops up the vase and up it goes right By the Fifth Station--where Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry The cross.
C'est le cas du site a Cyrene situe dans l'Est libyen, l'un des complexes archeologiques les plus impressionnants au monde, ou de Ghadames [beaucoup moins que] la perle du desert [beaucoup plus grand que], qui est une des plus anciennes cites presahariennes et un exemple exceptionnel d'habitat traditionnel.