a.1.Pertaining to Cyrene, in Africa; Cyrenaic.
n.1.A native or inhabitant of Cyrene.
2.One of a school of philosophers, established at Cyrene by Aristippus, a disciple of Socrates. Their doctrines were nearly the same as those of the Epicureans.
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First, through Simon, a Cyrenian, who happened to be passing through Jerusalem just when Jesus was being led under guard from the Praetorium to Golgotha.
Women s Interests and Child Protection Minister Robyn McSweeney today presented $100,000 to Cyrenian House to help with the construction of a new children and family centre at the Northbridge facility.
Cyrenian director Des Ryan said: "The FareShare project is a triumph of commonsense.
Students who make up the International Disaster Concern (IDC) Society, which raises awareness for disasters across the world, chose to support Coventry Cyrenians, which helps homeless people across the city and Warwickshire.
Sky Blues fans were quick to suggest the Coventry Cyrenians and Nazon, along with fellow City forward Maxime Biamou, visited the Cyrenians and supplied them with Christmas essentials for the local homeless and vulnerably housed.
Robert Davies, 50, was jailed for five years after admitting fraud by abuse of position while head of finance at Swansea-based charity Cyrenians Cymru.
The announcement was made during a visit by the Communities Secretary Angela Constance to Cyrenians farm in West Lothian.
And as the two teams of 999 lifesavers face off in a titanic tug-o-war, they'll be raising cash so charity the Cyrenians can help the elderly and vulnerable.
Mental Health Charity London Cyrenians announced today that they, working in partnership with Westminster Mind, and with the support of K&C Mind, and Hammersmith & Fulham St.
TELEVISION star Rhod Gilbert is leading a host of top comics bidding to rescue Swansea's troubled Cyrenians Cymru homelessness charity.
NORTH East charity Changing Lives - formerly The Cyrenians - has celebrated a year of growth that saw it become a national organisation while boosting turnover to nearly PS12m.
NORTH East charity The Cyrenians has changed its name as it expands outside of the region.