Cyril Burt

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Noun1.Cyril Burt - English psychologist whose studies of twins were later said to have used fabricated data (1883-1971)
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El primer capitulo, y a manera de introduccion, revisa los casos de Ranjit Chandra y Cyril Burt, que cometieron fraude al inventar los datos de sus investigaciones para fundamentar sus propuestas teoricas.
Selection was based on an IQ exam, the 11-plus, the brainchild of Sir Cyril Burt. Passing the 11-plus was the visa to the local grammar school.
Science, Ideology and the Media: The Cyril Burt Scandal crosses genres to appeal to a range of collections, from science history and media studies to psychology, and appears five years after the death of British scientist Sir Cyril Burt.
en 1940 bojo la direccion de Cyril Burt. Fue un continuador de sus ideas, un ardiente defensor del rigor en la investigacion psicologica, un experto en analisis factorial y un investigador en el campo de las diferencias individuales, a la manera de Cyril Burt.
They offer no solutions to the various aspects of poor research techniques, but this study offers one: It was an academic outside of Cyril Burt's field of educational psychology who caught the fraud because he was viewing the data with a different set of eyes.
Sir Cyril Burt achieved unparalleled results in researching the effects of environment and heredity on identical twins.