Cyrus the Younger

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Noun1.Cyrus the Younger - Persian prince who was defeated in battle by his brother Artaxerxes II (424-401 BC)
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Among their topics are when a revolt is not a revolt: a case for contingency, Assyria's demise as recompense: narratives of resistance in Babylonia and Judah, Cyrus the Younger and Artaxerxes II in 401 BC: an Achaemenid civil war reconsidered, a paleoclimatological perspective on revolts under the Ptolemies, and whether the impact of Jewish rebellions 66-135 CE was destruction or provincialization.
Braun focuses on Xenophon's minibiographies of the tough Spartan condottiere Clearchus and of the ultimate begetter of the entire enterprise, the Persian pretender Cyrus the Younger. C.
In spring 401 B.C., amid the detritus of the recently ended twenty-seven-year-long war between Athens and Sparta, about 13,000 Greek mercenary soldiers marched eastward in the pay of the Persian prince Cyrus the Younger. The Greeks weren't quite sure where they were ultimately headed.