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n. Greek Mythology
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(Classical Myth & Legend) another name for Aphrodite
ˌCytherˈean adj
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(ˌæf rəˈdaɪ ti)

the ancient Greek goddess of love and beauty, identified by the Romans with Venus.
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Noun1.Cytherea - goddess of love and beauty and daughter of Zeus in ancient mythologyCytherea - goddess of love and beauty and daughter of Zeus in ancient mythology; identified with Roman Venus
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Her gods and men call Aphrodite, and the foam-born goddess and rich-crowned Cytherea, because she grew amid the foam, and Cytherea because she reached Cythera, and Cyprogenes because she was born in billowy Cyprus, and Philommedes (9) because sprang from the members.
Caracterizacao quimica e sensorial de geleia da casca e polpa de caja-manga (Spondias cytherea Sonn).
Carried away by Zephyr, she landed on Cythera, which is why she is herself occasionally referred to as Cytherea. She is also called Venus in Roman mythology, a name found in many poems and fables dedicated to the theme of Love and to Cythera.
Baird, "Influence of fish grazing and sedimentation on the early post-settlement survival of the tabular coral Acropora cytherea," Coral Reefs, vol.
And when he first, having cut off the male parts with the unconquerable metal, Threw them from the dry earth into the churning sea, So they were carried for a long time over the sea, and round about, White foam arose from the immortal skin; and in it, A young girl was born, and she first drew near holy Cytherea, And from there, afterwards, she reached sea-girt Cyprus.
Chemical and sensory characteristics of pulp and peel "caja-manga" (Spondias cytherea Sonn.) jelly.
Content thee, Cytherea, in thy care, Since thy Aeneas' wand'ring fate is firm, Whose wean- limbs shall shortly make repose In those fair walls I promis'd him of yore.
Hence we witness a striking progress in his depiction of women " from Cytherea in Desperate Remedies to Sue Bridehead in Jude the Obscure.
In addition to servants, musicians, hawks, and rich food and drink, Sly is led to believe he possesses lavish erotic paintings of "Cytherea all in sedges hid" and "Io as she was a maid" (Induction 2.49, 52).
Synonyms: Artemis hepatica auct.; Cytherea hepatica Lamarck, 1818; C.