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(ˌsɪθ əˈri ən)

1. of or pertaining to Aphrodite.
2. of or pertaining to the planet Venus.
[1865–70; < Latin Cytherē(a) < Greek Kythéreia an epithet of Aphrodite]
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He then aimed a spear at Ajax, and missed him, but he hit Lycophron a follower of Ajax, who came from Cythera, but was living with Ajax inasmuch as he had killed a man among the Cythereans. Hector's spear struck him on the head below the ear, and he fell headlong from the ship's prow on to the ground with no life left in him.
Where Nerval had imagined the sorrow that follows the dream and definitive loss of love, recalling the ambiguity of Watteau's Pilgrimage, the idyllic world now vanished, in Hugo's poem, the reality behind the Cytherean dream represents the end of bodily pleasures and the beginning of the decrepitude of the human body, the start of old age and the foreboding of death.
Here he applies the notion to polis thought, which he proposes as a subdivision of academic political theory, and develops before explaining its cytherean components.