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(Plants) any of a member of a diverse genus of fragrant plants of the family Fabaceae, native to Europe, western Asia, and north Africa, and having brightly coloured flowers
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Noun1.cytisus - large genus of stiff or spiny evergreen or deciduous Old World shrubs: broomCytisus - large genus of stiff or spiny evergreen or deciduous Old World shrubs: broom
rosid dicot genus - a genus of dicotyledonous plants
Papilionoideae, subfamily Papilionoideae - alternative name used in some classification systems for the family Papilionaceae
Cytisus albus, Cytisus multiflorus, white broom, white Spanish broom - low European broom having trifoliate leaves and yellowish-white flowers
common broom, Cytisus scoparius, green broom, Scotch broom - deciduous erect spreading broom native to western Europe; widely cultivated for its rich yellow flowers
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2011) to distinguish Espadan heathlands (Cytiso villosi-Ericetum arboreae Costa, Peris, Figuerola & Stubing 1985), from the species reported by ZELLER (1959) to describe a similar plant community in Catalonia dominated by Erica arborea and Cytisus villosus, together with other brooms such as Teline monspessulana and Cytisus scoparius subsp.
Los tipos Cytisus scoparius, Raphanus raphanistrum y Prunus spinosa, con porcentajes medios de 8%, 4% y 3%, no superaron el 10% en ninguna de las mieles analizadas, salvo el tipo que representa a retamas y escobas en las muestras A4, A5, A6 y A10.
Abutilon, Actinidia, Camellia, Carpenteria, Ceanothus, Chaenomeles, Clematis, Cotoneaster, Cytisus, Eccremocarpus, Fremontodendron, Garrya, Hedera, Hoheria, Humulus, Hydrangea, Jasminum, Lathyrus, Lippia, Lonicear, Magnolia, Parthenocissus, Passiflora, Phygelius, Polygonum, Pyracantha, Ribes, Solanum, Vitis, Wisteria.
Gay in Durieu (SALA 19094) Cytisus multiflorus W Escoba blanca (L'Her.
For south, or west-facing walls: abutilon, camellia, carpenteria, ceanothus, chaenomeles, clematis, cotoneaster, cytisus, garrya, hedera, hydrangea, jasminum, lippia, lonicera, magnolia, passiflora, polygonum, pyracantha, ribes, vitis, wisteria.
ADRIENNE SAYS: Try the pineapple-scented shrub Cytisus battandeiri.
2009) han estudiado el contenido proteico de cada uno de los tipos polinicos mas frecuentes y abundantes en el polen apicola del NO de Espana, resultando, en orden decreciente, Cytisus scoparius-t.
If you have a wall that's south-facing, why not invest in a Cytisus battanderei, the pineapple broom?
BRING some sweet scent to your garden in May and June with three cytisus plants for just pounds 7.
These forests were studied by De la Cruz & Peinado (1996) without assigning any specific association, but pointing out their differences with western communities from the Guadarrama Range (Avenello ibericae-Pinetum ibericae) by the absence of Cytisus oromediterraneus and Juniperus communis subsp.