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In this ovary type, once the mitotic proliferation phase of the secondary oogonia or cytoblast is over, one cell of the resulting clone differentiates into the oocyte while the other cells remain as nurse cells, or trophocytes.
Snowden unveiled a beginning phase of her most recent sculpturein-progress, entitled "Cytoblast." As the heir to the propri etary sculptural formulas of Auguste Rodin and Antonin Mercie, Snowden spoke of the influence her father, Rodin and Mercie have had on her work, as well as the spiritual inspirations that guide her creative force.
This banishment of the masculine is evident in her discussion of how pregnancy begins, where McDonagh refers to the precursor of the fetus (prior to implantation) as the "fertilized ovum", choosing this term over "product of conception", "conceptus", "cytoblast", "zygote", or any of the other ungendered terms available to her.