cytochrome c

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Noun1.cytochrome c - the most abundant and stable cytochrome; involved in energy transfer
cytochrome - (biochemistry) a class of hemoprotein whose principal biological function is electron transfer (especially in cellular respiration)
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Primer3 software was used for primer designing targeting Mitochondrial specie identification markers such as d-loop, cytochrome-b and cytochrome-c. After amplification, PCR product was sequenced.
Van den Bogert, "Assembly of cytochrome-c oxidase in cultured human cells," European Journal of Biochemistry, vol.
In contrary April et al., (2002) reported a dose like 20 mg/kg of Dox as to increase the cytosolic cytochrome-c in rats.
The rest of the animals were injected daily for several days with a chemical called cytochrome-C, which isn't known to cause any physical or behavioral effects.
Alone and when bound to zinc or copper, this molecute appears to hasten the rate at which the protein cytochrome-C donates electrons to oxygen, Ponnamperuma reports.