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(Placename) an ancient Greek colony in NW Asia Minor on the S shore of the Sea of Marmara: site of Alcibiades' naval victory over the Peloponnesians (410 bc)
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(ˈsɪz ɪ kəs)

an ancient city in NW Asia Minor, in Mysia, on a peninsula in the Sea of Marmara.
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At a certain island, they were hospitably received by King Cyzicus, its sovereign, who made a feast for them, and treated them like brothers.
"You have excellent eyes," said King Cyzicus. "Yes; they are six-armed giants, as you say, and these are the enemies whom I and my subjects have to contend with."
Manuscripts of the historian Strabo tell us that Greek trade up the Ravi started in the reign of Eudoxus of Cyzicus in 130 BC.
But while just like in the battle of Cyzicus four years before --when the Athenians again carrying the day after wiping out the Spartan fleet of 80 triremes--, the Spartans made again a peace offer which the Athenians rejected.
Having established supremacy over the waters of the Propontis (Sea of Marmara) after the victory at Cyzicus, Athens was able to control the flow of shipping via this route and collect a tax on all vessels sailing into the region from the Black Sea.
"The Temple of Hadrian at Cyzicus and Roman Attitudes to Exceptional Construction." PBSR 20: 205-30.
Metrophanes had been Bishop of Cyzicus, Asia Minor, when he was called to Florence.
Constantine's letter is also quoted in the anonymous ecclesiastical history formerly attributed to Gelasius of Cyzicus (CPG 6034).
Gary Anderson, for example, uses the mosaic at Sepphoris to broaden interpretations of Genesis 22; Eric Daryl Meyer recalls Gregory of Nyssa and Eunomius of Cyzicus's interpretations of the naming of God's creatures in Genesis 2; Matthew Drever, Karla Pollman, and Ellen Charry take seriously Augustine's insights in Genesis 2-3; 3:18; 12:1-3; and 25:22-23.
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