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 (chĕk′ə-slə-vä′kē-ə, -slō-)
A former country of central Europe. It was formed in 1918 from Czech- and Slovak-speaking territories of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Communists gained control of the government after World War II and stayed in power until late 1989 when demands for democratic political reform forced Communist leaders to resign. In 1993 the country split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Czech′o·slo′vak, Czech′o·slo·va′ki·an adj. & n.


1. (Placename) of, relating to, or characteristic of the former Czechoslovakia, its peoples, or their languages
2. (Languages) of, relating to, or characteristic of the former Czechoslovakia, its peoples, or their languages
3. (Peoples) of, relating to, or characteristic of the former Czechoslovakia, its peoples, or their languages
(Languages) (loosely) either of the two mutually intelligible languages of the former Czechoslovakia; Czech or Slovak


or Czech•o-Slo•vak

(ˈtʃɛk əˈsloʊ væk, -vɑk)

a native or inhabitant of Czechoslovakia.
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Noun1.Czechoslovak - a native or inhabitant of the former republic of CzechoslovakiaCzechoslovak - a native or inhabitant of the former republic of Czechoslovakia
Czechoslovakia - a former republic in central Europe; divided into Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1993
European - a native or inhabitant of Europe


[ˈtʃekəʊˈsləʊvæk] (Hist)
A. ADJchecoslovaco
B. Nchecoslovaco/a m/f


nTschechoslowake m, → Tschechoslowakin f


[ˌtʃɛkəʊˈsləʊvæk] Czechoslovakian [ˈtʃɛkəʊsləˈvækɪən]
1. adjcecoslovacco/a
2. n (person) → cecoslovacco/a; (language) → cecoslovacco
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Yet, he took part in important talks in the USA.Talking with Americans"The trip to Washington and New York in 1917 was of exceptional importance, because he mananaged to obtain an agreement from the American government for Czechs and Slovaks to join the Czechoslovak Army, which Stefanik was establishing," Korok said, as quoted by TASR.
The Czechoslovak Group (CSG), a holding with firm roots in the Czech and Slovak industrial tradition, has become an exclusive partner of the prestigious GLOBSEC 2019 Security Forum taking place in Bratislava from 6 to 8 May.
"The formidable valor shown by the Czechoslovak nationals who volunteered to fight with the Filipino and American forces is an emulation worthy of commemoration," she added.
Stoll uses the development of Czechoslovak Television as a lens through which to track the country along its path from democracy to Nazi occupation, to communism, to revolution, and back to democracy.
Martina Viktorie Kopecka, a female priest in the Czechoslovak Hussite Church, who was the only female cleric at the October Synod of Bishops (America)
This democratisation was a considerable contribution to the distribution of recordings in Czechoslovak society but at other times, music and its creators had to find their way to media beyond the borders--in exile.
Bulgaria has presented Slovakia with 100 Damascene Oil roses and other decorative examples from its Rose Valley, on the occasion of its two important anniversaries: 100 years after the establishment of the first Czechoslovak Republic and 25 years of Slovakiaas independence, reports Spectator.
In the framework of the working visit to the Czech Republic, the Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan, Colonel-General Zakir Hasanov met with the leadership of Czechoslovak Group, a major industrial holding of this country, the Defense Ministry's press service reported Oct.
Czechoslovak Group (CSG) has announced it has strengthened its position in the field of aviation and radar technology with its aerospace division, the company said.
Canadian authorities further legitimized the Czech refugees' anti-communist agenda and increased their influence in Czechoslovak institutions.
What's more, opinion polls from 1968 that around 90 per cent of Czechoslovak citizens favoured greater freedom within the socialist context rather than any reversion to capitalist orthodoxies or bourgeois democracy.
Supported by the Embassy of the Czech Republic, this exhibition, Dolezel said, is a photographic journey through history in Tunisia from 1918 to 1938 and an opportunity for Tunisians to see Tunisia under the lens of Czechoslovak and then Czech travellers a hundred years ago.