lysergic acid

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ly·ser·gic acid

 (lĭ-sûr′jĭk, lī-)
A crystalline alkaloid, C16H16N2O2, derived from ergot and used in medical research as a psychotomimetic agent.

lysergic acid

(lɪˈsɜːdʒɪk; laɪ-)
(Elements & Compounds) a crystalline compound with a polycyclic molecular structure: used in medical research. Formula C16H16N2O2
[C20: from (hydro)lys(is) + erg(ot) + -ic]

ly•ser′gic ac′id

(laɪˈsɜr dʒɪk, lɪ-)
a crystalline solid, C16H16N2O2, obtained from ergot or synthesized: used in the synthesis of LSD.
[1930–35; (hydro)lys(is) + erg (ot) + -ic]
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Noun1.lysergic acid - a crystalline acid often used in medical research; obtained from ergotic alkaloids
acid - any of various water-soluble compounds having a sour taste and capable of turning litmus red and reacting with a base to form a salt
acid lisergic

lysergic acid

[lɪˈsɜːdʒɪk ˈæsɜːd] Nácido m lisérgico