printer cable

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Noun1.printer cable - a cable between a computer and a printerprinter cable - a cable between a computer and a printer
transmission line, cable, line - a conductor for transmitting electrical or optical signals or electric power
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Various versions are available--with or without ventilation--for PCB terminal blocks, plug headers, front connectors (closed case), and D-SUB connectors.
The mezzanine board supports all connections to the UUT via two 78-pin D-sub connectors.
Products include magnetics (discrete components, power transformers and MagJack([R]) connectors with integrated magnetics), modules (DC-DC converters and AC-DC power supplies, integrated analog front-end modules and custom designs), circuit protection (miniature, micro and surface mount fuses) and interconnect devices (micro, circular and filtered D-Sub connectors, fiber optic connectors, passive jacks, plugs and high-speed cable assemblies).
The mezzanine board provides all connections to the unit under test (UUT) via two 78 pin D-sub connectors.
Available in standard combination pin configurations, the 1P67-rated combination D-sub connectors are designed to provide a single-connector solution for harsh environment applications requiring a combination of power, signal, and coaxial connections.
It is plug-compatible with the Granville-Phillips Mini-Convectron module, and both 9-pin D-sub and 15-pin high-density D-sub connectors are provided.
Providing a full range of male and female connectors (with 9, 15, 25, and 37 poles), the right angle D-sub connectors are available in two mounting heights: standard 7.
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