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Noun1.D.A. - a doctor's degree with a special disciplinary focus
doctorate, doctor's degree - one of the highest earned academic degrees conferred by a university
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The staff will become a part of D.A. Davidson's Fixed Income Capital Markets group, operating under the direction of Sam Doyle, president.
"Their work will complement D.A. Davidson's broad expertise in fixed income and is well-aligned with our client-first focus."
18 April 2016 - US-based investment firm D.A. Davidson and Co.
This merger broadens D.A. Davidson's presence in Nebraska.
D.A. Davidson said Tuesday it wrapped up its purchase of Crowell, Weedon & Co., a Los Angeles based IBD.
According to D.A. Davidson, based in Great Falls, Mont., the deal "expands the footprint of D.A.
A 24-member Headstart class was invited to join the D.A. students at this school and were given rides on the dental chairs, demos on tooth brushing and Super Tooth hand puppets the D.A.
Address correspondence to D.A. Cory-Slechta, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute, 170 Frelinghuysen Rd., Piscataway, NJ 07920 USA.
My schoolteacher friends swear it's a plum gig: D.A. is the most progressive school in the Duval County school system, plus it's a magnet school--students have to really work to get in and there are few discipline problems because they want to be there.
The article asserts that a Doctor of Arts (D.A.) Degree, as developed by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching to improve postsecondary education teaching, should now be employed to improve teacher education.
For Perry Mason, tough cases were the only ones worth taking, because they symbolized what the American legal system stood for: the right of private citizens, no matter how poor or powerless or socially insignificant, to the best possible defense against charges brought by the all-powerful state, as represented by the always slightly sinister D.A. Of course, Mason's defendants were always innocent - as innocent as the times themselves.
8 March 2016 - US-based investment firm D.A. Davidson and Co.