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1.(Mus.) From the beginning; a direction to return to, and end with, the first strain; - indicated by the letters D. C. Also, the strain so repeated.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Laura Collett triumphed in the CIC3* for eight and nine-year-old horses, finishing first on London 52, owned by Karen Bartlett and Keith Scott, and third on Diana Chappell's Dacapo.
In January, 1972, Appelboom informed the Production Fund for Dutch Film that his production company, Appletree Filmproductions, would co-produce Will-O'-the Wisp with Buyens's company, Iris Films Dacapo. However, it was another few months before Appelboom submitted the official grant application.
He has performed in venues such as Wigmore Hall, Musikhalle, Hamborg and is a recording artist for Dacapo Records.
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Wrethed explores the themes of history, violence, evil, and art/text interpretation in Banville's novel The Book of Evidence (1989), and Hedda Friberg the intra-textual encounters across cultural borderlines in Swedish novelist Carl Henning Wijkmark's Dacapo (1994) and John Banville's Kepler (1981).
Also featured that night was the Dacapo Strings ensemble.
We used SPECjvm2008 and Dacapo [7] benchmark suites to evaluate the performance of our collector.
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