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1. Doctor of Dental Science
2. Doctor of Dental Surgery


abbreviation for
1. (Library Science & Bibliography) Dewey Decimal System
2. (Dentistry) Doctor of Dental Surgery


1. Doctor of Dental Science.
2. Doctor of Dental Surgery.
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Noun1.DDS - a doctor's degree in dental surgery
doctorate, doctor's degree - one of the highest earned academic degrees conferred by a university


. V. Doctor of Dental Surgery.
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AIT's combination of improved capacity, faster transfer rates, and full automation support meet the migration needs of many DDS users.
Within that segment, new technologies will be replacing current DDS autoloader shipments, which were approximately 59,000 units in 2000, and expected to decrease by 15,000 units in 2002.
Much of Sony's activity will focus on the company's Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) product line, and that activity is currently in two major areas: DDS replacement and midrange tape technology.
One point of light is Benchmark Tape Systems, whose DLT1 is marketed as a DDS replacement, too.
In October last year, the retired police officer testified at the Senate committee on justice and human rights' investigation on alleged extrajudicial killings in the country where he denied the existence of the DDS.
According to Sigma, DDS had a good presence on Australia's eastern seaboard and had extended its footprint into Western Australia and Tasmania.
UP4 Daily: DDS Plus, the company's most popular product, is now UP4 Daily.
Using DDS is very convenient from the NetAcquire Data Flow Designer.
A previously healthy 15-year-old female was brought to the emergency department with a history of intentional ingestion of DDS (7.