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Demi felt his back, as if expecting to find it like that of the watch, and then gravely remarked, "I dess Dod does it when I's asleep."
Furthermore, risk-taking firms prefer the typical relationship of high risk and high return based on a high fault tolerance (Dess & Lumpkin, 2005a).
Sanam Yaqub, Islamic leader at DESS, said: "The idea of holding the expo is to raise awareness about Islamic culture and bring the community together.
More reductions while performing the Motion Estimation using the previous two patterns are achieved using both DISS and DESS techniques as will be discussed soon.
Dess, in turn, expressed his concerns about a set of rules proposed by the Commission on micro-enterprises, which according to him can be very productive and market quite large amounts of seeds.
There are no circulating pumps or control valves between the connected building supply and the return to the DESS. Control is entirely governed by the pressure difference between the supply and return mains.
Presenting the report on 2 September at the EP's Committee on Agriculture (AGRI), Dess insisted that farmers need at least two years to prepare for the implementation of the greening requirements in Pillar II.
Em sentido semelhante, Lumpkin e Dess (2001) argumentam que uma forte agressividade competitiva propicia a empresa a capacidade de ser um ator decisivo no campo competitivo e agir com forca para proteger ou melhorar a sua posicao no mercado.
Compared with bare metal stents, drug-eluting stents (DESs) have tremendously increased therapeutic benefits for percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), predominantly represented by reduced incidence of target vessel revascularization/target lesion revascularization (TVR/TLR).[1] The first-generation DESs (G1-DESs) adopted sirolimus or paclitaxel as the coated antiproliferative medications, which effectively eliminated coronary arterial neointimal hyperplasia and thus, in-stent restenosis, mitigating the risks of TVR/TLR events.[2],[3] However, safety concerns arose because of late- and very-late stent thrombosis associated with G1-DES,[4],[5] prompting the development of second-generation DESs (G2-DESs).
The Kumasi Regional Police Command has arrested 36-year-old Philip Akumaning, alias Atta Panin, for the murder of Portia AmaAgyeiwaa, former broadcast journalist of Dess FM at Bekwai last April.
Nuria Perez-Cullell, aged 45, holds a PhD in Pharmacy from the University of Barcelona and a postgraduate professional degree (DESS) in Cosmetology from the University of Nantes.