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"The critical point in the Chief Secretary's letter is that at that time no reduction was made in the Welsh Government's budget that corresponded to the reduction in the DETR's budget.
Under the contract, announced today, DETR will replace existing systems and technologies to better serve the citizens of Nevada.
Both DETR White Paper (1997a) and RDAs Act 1998 defined the core functions of the RDAs.
We estimated the penetration of catalyst-equipped automobiles into the fleet, year on year, using data on existing and new car registrations from the DETR (Aguye M.
The latest figure from a three-year DETR study is 18 per cent - a sixfold increase.
But the two authorities put the blame firmly on the DETR, which has to give its approval.
This work, partly funded by the DETR, will involve gathering evidence, mainly from housing associations and local authority housing departments, about the processes undertaken when specifying coating products and any problems encountered during specification or with the finished product.
If this sounds a large number, we should remember that Heathrow handled over 62m passengers through its four terminals in the past year and that all were subject to Department of Transport, Regions and the Environment (DETR) security regulations.
He no longer feels the need to spell out that DETR stands for the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions, and the pass is to allow him to function as Tony Blair's leading advisor on the environment.
In April 2001 the DETR - Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions is enforcing the of a new financial framework for every local authority in England, requiring Councils to change the way they manage, and maximise the value, of their housing assets.
The research work, carried out for the Vehicle, Environment and Taxation Division of the UK Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions (DETR), was part of DETR's wider assessment of action required to meet emission reduction targets, set by the UK National Air Quality Strategy (NAQS), for eight of the main air pollutants.WS Atkins' research focused on the impact and cost of different transport measures designed to reduce emissions from road traffic in London.