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a prefix occurring orig. in loanwords from Greek, with the meanings “through, across, from point to point” (diachronic; diameter; diarrhea), “in different directions, apart, at an angle” (dialysis; diastole ), “completeness or thoroughness (of the action of the verb)” (diagnosis).
Also, esp. before a vowel, di-.
[< Greek, comb. form representing diá (preposition) through, across, akin to dýo two and di- di-1]


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Noun1.DIA - an intelligence agency of the United States in the Department of Defense; is responsible for providing intelligence in support of military planning and operations and weapons acquisition
Defense Department, Department of Defense, DoD, United States Department of Defense, Defense - the federal department responsible for safeguarding national security of the United States; created in 1947
armed forces, armed services, military, military machine, war machine - the military forces of a nation; "their military is the largest in the region"; "the military machine is the same one we faced in 1991 but now it is weaker"
military intelligence, military intelligence agency - an agency of the armed forces that obtains and analyzes and uses information of strategic or tactical military value
United States intelligence agency - an intelligence service in the United States
IC, Intelligence Community, National Intelligence Community, United States Intelligence Community - a group of government agencies and organizations that carry out intelligence activities for the United States government; headed by the Director of Central Intelligence
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TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive Summary 8 Market Overview 13 Total DIA Services Market - --External Challenges: Drivers and Restraints 18 --Forecast and Trends 20 --Market Share and Competitive Analysis 46 Retail Segment Breakdown 54 Wholesale Segment Breakdown 64 The Last Word (Predictions and Recommendations) 75 Appendix 79
The claw back provisions make it impossible to continue with accelerating market values," says DIA Wilson.
Martin's duties as Associate Executive Director will include managing the DIA worldwide marketing, training and information technology activities in collaboration with the DIA offices in Basel, Switzerland, Tokyo, Japan and Horsham, PA.
How will the total, retail and wholesale DIA services revenue change over the next 5 years?
Total DIA Services Market: Percent Revenue Forecast by Service Type, United States, 2009-2016 35
Ling Su, DIA President-elect, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, China
Retail/Enterprise DIA Services Market Revenues Forecasts and Pricing Analysis 40-45
In DIA, you see a side of kids you don't see in class,'' said Kornfeld, who has since transferred to West Ranch High, where she has started another DIA club.
In addition, DIRECTV is holding a launch event today at DIA to celebrate the opening of its first airport retail kiosk, which will be located on Concourse B.
Hulihan serves on the DIA Advisory Council for North America and as chair of the DIA Validation Global community.
For attendees who wish to discover what lies beyond the Lakeside Center in the Windy City, the DIA has also made arrangements with the Chicago tourism industry to offer DIA members eleven different exclusive tour packages.