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Yahoo Finance has different historical periods for these indices: S&P500 monthly prices are from January 1950, NASDAQ prices are available from February 1971, DJIA prices are from January 1985 and RUSSELL3000 prices are from September 1987.
Both of the models coincide in telling the trends of the DJIA/GF time series, which empowers a simple model to be a good basis for understanding a very volatile market, like gold's, in relation with the stock market, which is represented by the DJIA.
The DJIA methodology, however, would generate amounts that the authors consider excessive.
S Oil & Gas Index and DJIA with one day lag show speed of adjustment in the short run if any disequilibrium exists (i.
USA] = return rate from American indexes (DJCA or DJIA, Nasdaq or Nasdaq 100 (2), S&P500),
Table 1 also shows that even though there are significant associations between the currencies and both the DJIA and S&P500, they are not strong.
The paper begins by defining arbitrage and describing the relationship between Diamonds and the DJIA index.
The company expects normal operation of the DJIA Wednesday using its redundant market-data system.
The three long-time components of the DJIA were replaced by drug manufacturer Pfizer, and two nonmanufacturing businesses (Verizon Communications, Inc.
Changes in the DJIA are high profile media events, while changes in the DJTA receive much less media coverage.