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An antitussive drug, C18H25NO, that is used in its hydrobromide form and is less addictive than codeine.

[dextro- + meth- + (m)orph(in)an, structural basis for a class of opioids (morphin(e) + -an).]


n dextrometorfano
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On the original English label of his generic Robafen DM cough syrup there was an explicit warning: "Do not take this product for persistent or chronic cough such as occurs with smoking, asthma...." Such a blatant inconsistency would be immediately noticed and questioned in the States, but in places where few speak (much less read) English, this goes unnoticed.
Jim Hogshire does his homework on Robitussin abuse in a hilarious bit for Pills-a-Go-Go, wherein he describes his "reptilian brain" after ingesting eight ounces of DM cough syrup. April Miller (from Fat Girl) compares the various methods of "packing" - placing a phallic object in one's knickers for visual (and self) stimulation ("soft packing" simply creates the appearance of a penis, "hard packing" allows for penetration, with the added benefit of clitoral arousal).
Last night I drank about eight ounces of DM cough syrup. I was feeling kind of achy and wanted to see if it would kill pain.