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Noun1.DNA chip - a microchip that holds DNA probes that form half of the DNA double helix and can recognize DNA from samples being tested
micro chip, microchip, microprocessor chip, silicon chip, chip - electronic equipment consisting of a small crystal of a silicon semiconductor fabricated to carry out a number of electronic functions in an integrated circuit
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Furthermore, a search of published literature using the keyword "microarray" or "DNA chip" yields over 800 articles (Figure 1).
In a similar way, Thomas Brody of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke in Bethesda, Md., is building a DNA chip that monitors the 1,500 or so genes active in the fly brain.
"We believe this device will have significant advantages for DNA chip production," said Joerg W.
Here we report further development of a multiplexing DNA chip and novel solutions for selective passivation/ functionalization to increase the reliability of the system.
One of the challenges for DNA chip manufacturers is the selection of the right sequences on the chip with guaranteed sequence integrity.
DNA chip technology is allowing scientists to look at the functions of the cell and to understand gene expression under a variety of stimuli.
Because the K-ras gene is known to have two mutational hot spots (codons 12 and 13), it has been used as a target gene for testing newly developed techniques for mutation detection, including various applications of the DNA chip (7,8).
Hitachi Software Engineering's MiraiBio subsidiary and DNA Chip Research have become Luminex's sole Japanese distributors ...
"Broader access to Affymetrix' GeneChip technology will give Rhone-Poulenc Rorer a powerful new tool to complement their ongoing genomics and bioinformatics initiatives." "Affymetrix' DNA chip technologies and products will allow RPR researchers to accurately and reproducibly monitor changes in expression patterns of thousands of genes simultaneously to identify their association with disease progression or drug response," commented Ray Jupp, PhD, head of molecular biology, Asthma/Inflammation, and Chair of RPR's Genomics Task Force.
Tokyo, Japan, Dec 6, 2005 - (JCN) - DNA Chip Research (TSE: 2397) has developed a prototype DNA chip for diagnosing lung cancer in collaboration with Chiba University.
We describe the development and technical validation of a DNA chip based on an interference-based detection system of nucleon acids on optically coated silicon chips (11).