DNA microarray

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DNA mi·cro·array

An orderly arrangement of DNA sequences on a small solid support, usually a membrane or glass slide, used to quickly survey the simultaneous expression of many genes. Also called DNA chip.
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The first wave of DNA microarray experiments of relevance to bacterial pathogenesis focused on analyzing bacterial gene expression during growth in vitro under conditions chosen to mimic some aspect of infection.
Parallel characterization of anaerobic toluene- and ethylbenzene-degrading microbial consortia by PCR-denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis, RNA-DNA membrane hybridization, and DNA microarray technology.
In the field of life sciences, Agilent has developed solutions for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies that support the discovery and testing of new drug, such as bioinformatic software, lab-on-a-chip products and DNA microarray. Agilent is also a leader in chemical analysis specifically in gas chromatography.
- DNA Microarray (Type) Global Competitor Market Share Positioning for 2019 & 2025
Riccardo Pigliucci has been appointed to US-based DNA microarray manufacturer Affymetrix's (NASDAQ: AFFX) board of directors, the company said on Monday.
The topics include gridding methods for DNA microarray images, non-statistical segmentation methods for DNA microarray images, microarray image restoration and noise filtering, quality control and analysis algorithms for tissue microarrays as biomarker validation tools, systematic and stochastic biclustering algorithms for microarray data-analysis, and the multidimensional visualization of microarray data.
Other chapters discuss minimally invasive procedures to treat breast and ovarian cancers; gene expression and radiation nephropathy; DNA microarray methods; genetic fingerprinting methods for the characterization of bioleaching microorganisms and applications to marine organisms; working with degraded samples; and genetic markers for external visible traits.
Adding to its existing portfolio of PCR products, in 2007, Roche Applied Science acquired DNA microarray company NimbleGen (see IBO 6/30/07) and 454 Life Sciences (see IBO 3/31/07), the maker of the Genome Sequencer FLX System based on pyrosequencing.
Identification of market genes for intestinal immunomodulating effect of a fructooligosaccharide by DNA microarray analysis.
The long-term goal of scientists at the University of Georgia is to develop a DNA microarray chip that can differentiate and identify Listeria species, including L.