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Personnel with disabilities need not worry, though, as the course and the trainers' close relationship with DRAD will provide the training they need to stay safe, as it does for all course participants.
DRAD analysts help employees obtain accessible technology, such as screen readers that read text appearing on the computer screen aloud for employees who are blind or have severe visual impairments, or assistive technology video phones for employees who are deaf, thus enabling them to use sign language to communicate with the other party.
DRAD responded by providing a telephone that displays real-time captioning while she listens to a call.
DRAD may consult with the employee's manager to determine the essential functions of the job and needs of the office, in connection with identifying possible accommodations.
Emphasizing its commitment to such employees, DRAD recently led a governmentwide effort to establish a working group to focus on sharing best practices and challenges related to the federal government's provision of reasonable accommodations.
DRAD also partners with our Recruitment office to hire job applicants with disabilities.
She asked ER's Disability Reasonable Accommodation Division (DRAD) if they could find one, and DRAD, which attends career fairs targeted to people with disabilities, wounded warriors and disabled veterans, came through.
DRAD centralizes services for those employees with disabilities and reconfirms the Department's commitment to them.
DRAD Disability Resource Analyst Scott Duncan was named Employee of the Year, based on his nomination by the Department.