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or DT's  (dē′tēz′)
n. (used with a sing. or pl. verb)
Delirium tremens.

delir′ium tre′mens

(ˈtri mənz, -mɛnz)
a withdrawal syndrome occurring in persons who have developed physiological dependence on alcohol, characterized by tremor, hallucinations, and autonomic instability. Also called the d.t.'s.
[1813; < New Latin: trembling delirium]
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Noun1.DTs - acute delirium caused by alcohol poisoning
psychosis - any severe mental disorder in which contact with reality is lost or highly distorted


abbr of delirium tremens; to have the DTsvom Saufen den Tatterich haben (inf)

DTs, the

(fam) V. delirium tremens.
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