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 (do͞op, dyo͞op)
A person who is easily deceived or is used to carry out the designs of another.
tr.v. duped, dup·ing, dupes
To deceive (an unwary person). See Synonyms at deceive.

[French, from Old French, probably alteration of huppe, hoopoe (from the bird's somewhat foolish appearance); see hoopoe.]

dup′a·bil′i·ty n.
dup′a·ble adj.
dup′er n.
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The focus of data analysis was a model developed in critical social constructivism that invited consideration of the agency, identity and power of Dupa and his parents within the centre environment.
At the end, when all of these stages are achieved, there is a bonus game and a certification of completion with a letter from Dupa, Bupa and Kayla in reward.
Transportat de urgenta la spital, si dupa o saptamana tot mai facea spume la gura.
* Dupa dealuri (Beyond the Hills),by Cristian Mungiu (Romania/France/Belgium)
""I got a #SEXY collabo comin your way supa dupa soon!!!!
Situatia creata prin schimbarea raportului de forte din sud-estul Europei dupa razboiul ruso-turc din anii 1828-1829, ocupatia militara ruseasca--la 25 aprilie 1828 trupele rusesti conduse de Wittgenstein au trecut Prutul, Rusia introducand un regim de ocupatie militara care va dura pana in anul 1834 (1)--au determinat transformari majore in viata social--economica si politica a Principatelor Romane.
10 February 2010 - Swedish real estate company Catena AB (STO: CATE) said today that it has sold its property on Jagtvej road in Copenhagen to the Danish University and Property Agency (DUPA).
Iata un exemplu banal in care k este normala, iar dupa mine teoria atemporala este corecta.
His own car parked in the garage, rear bumper sticker reading "YOU BETCHA YOUR DUPA I'M POLISH," Al Dziedzic kept telling Pete in the three weeks he'd been back from Vietnam via Camp Pendleton, California, "It's a waste of electricity having the car plugged in."
IN response to Mr DupA's recent letter about Fred Keenor and Gareth Edwards (Echo, November 30), I would like to strongly disagree.