Da Ponte

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Da Pon·te

 (də pŏn′tē, dä pōn′tĕ), Lorenzo 1749-1838.
Italian-born American poet and educator who wrote librettos for Mozart's Marriage of Figaro (1786), Don Giovanni (1787), and Così fan tutte (1790).

Da Ponte

(Italian dɑ ˈpɔnte)
(Biography) Lorenzo (loˈrɛntso), real name Emmanuele Conegliano 1749–1838, Italian writer; Mozart's librettist for The Marriage of Figaro (1786), Don Giovanni (1787), and Cosi fan tutte (1790)

Da Pon•te

(də ˈpɒn ti; It. dɑ ˈpɔn tɛ)
Lorenzo (Emanuele Conegliano), 1749–1838, Italian librettist, in the U.S. after 1805.
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The Marriage of Figaro is one of the few great operas to be based on a great play and, though the radical edge of Beaumarchais' original was toned down by Mozart and his librettist Lorenzo da Ponte, it remains an opera where convincing characterisation and human relationships are crucial.
Beginning in 20 12, the Los Angeles Philharmonic launched an ambitious trilogy of Mozart's Da Ponte operas, each designed by an eminent architect and fashion designer.
With the libretto written by Lorenzi Da Ponte, the opera premiered at the Burgtheater in Vienna on January 26, 1790.
Mozart's masterpiece about love, loyalty and the battle of the sexes, complete with a libretto from Lorenzo da Ponte, will be performed by singers from France, Italy, Norway and the UK, chosen by the European Opera Centre from some 500 who auditioned across the continent for the new production.
The libretto was written by Lorenzo Da Ponte and it premiered at the Burgtheater in Vienna on 26 January 1790.
Discussing the hermit scene, which was excluded by Da Ponte but carried over from MoHere's play into the Singspiel, Schroter wonders whether it was actually performed in Weimar or not.
One of the three great operas that Mozart wrote with his brilliant librettist Lorenzo da Ponte, Don Giovanni has been thrilling, entertaining and delighting audiences ever since it was written 225 years ago.
Von Mozart beispielsweise wurde nicht nur an samtliche Fruhwerke und unbekanntere Opern gedacht, auch der unvollstandig gebliebene Zweiakter mit einem Libretto wohl von Lorenzo da Ponte ist in diesem Band bedacht worden: Der enttauschte Betruger oder Die Rivalitat dreier Frauen um einen einzigen Liebhaber (Lo Sposo deluso ossia La Rivalita di tre Donne per un solo Amante), welcher nie zur Urauffuhrung gelangte, kann hier wenigstens inhaltlich nachvollzogen werden--vielleicht eine Anregung fur junge Komponisten oder Musikwissenschaftler, einen moglicherweise vergrabenen Schatz zu heben.
Alberto Da Ponte, The Brewers of Europe President said, "The brewing sector is emerging from a difficult period but we have embraced the Europe 2020 strategy.
Another will resemble a diner; called Da Ponte, it will serve breakfast from 7 a.
Io conobbi Prezzolini alla Columbia dove fui studentessa prima di laurearmi in lingue romanze e letteratura comparata e diventare Da Ponte Professor.