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A colorless crystalline compound, C8Cl4N2,used as a fungicide on a variety of vegetable crops, peanuts, lawns, and turfs and as a preservative in paints and adhesives.

[chloro- + (ph)thal(ic) + n(itr)il(e).]
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(2007) studied the efficacy of Agrimycin-100, Cupravit, Bavistin, Dithane M45, Vitavax, Daconil, Antracol, Benlate and Nimrod at 1% concentration in in-vitro condition against Xanthomonas campestris pv.
These tests are supported by the Master of foods from the University of Pamplona, agricultural fungicide used is the DACONIL 720 SC, illustrated in Figure 49, this pesticide is quite strong the sample preparation are performed by qualified personnel, and samples are prepared of 3 ppm, 4 ppm and 5 ppm.
Distribucion porcentual de agroquimicos mas utilizados en los predio (Marinilla, 2011-2012) Daconil 7% Apache 6% Score 5% Manzate 4% Roxion 4% Antracol 3% Curacron 3% Fitorax 3% Latigo 3% Regent 3% Titan 80 WP 3% Note: Table made from bar graph.
Besides coumaphos and fluvalinate, the ozone treatment reduced or eliminated eight other common agricultural pesticides found in Florida comb samples, including esfenvalerate (Conquer or Ortho Bug B Gon insecticides), thymol (a pesticide made from thyme extract), and chlorothalonil (Fung-onil or Daconil fungicides).
Efficacy of different chemicals (mancozeb, daconil, ridomil gold, derosal, bayleton, aliette), biological agents (Aspergillus flavus, A.
Principais agrotoxicos utilizados na regiao Norte Fluminense Tipo Nome Classe Toxicologica Grupo Quimico Comercial Inseticida Stron I--Extremamente Toxico Organofosforado Tamaron I--Extremamente Toxico Decis III--Medianamente Toxico Piretroide Herbicida Roundup IV--Pouco Toxico Glicina Substituida Imazapir III--Medianamente Toxico Imidazolinona Fungicida Benlate III--Medianamente Toxico Benzimidazol Cercobin IV--Pouco Toxico Daconil I--Extremamente Toxico Isoftalonitrila Fonte: MAPA (17); Ribeiro Neto (11) Quadro 2.
The contest, sponsored by Gulfstream Home & Garden, makers of lawn and garden care products including Maxide, Over 'n Out, Sevin, and Daconil, began May 24 and ended July 30, 2010.
Medical experts agreed that he died because of exposure to Daconil 2787--a fungicide which was sprayed on the brown spots on the greens.
"If you want to succeed, you really have to control growing conditions, and I've found Daconil, a fungicide, to be the best defense against pumpkin pests," he said of the spray applied to the pumpkins to prevent a host of diseases.
Pests and diseases were controlled by applications of 1.17 mL [m.sup.-2] of daconil [tetrachloroisophthalonitrile] and 0.07 mL [m.sup.-2] of permethrin (3-phenoxyphenyl)methyl 3-(2,2-dichloroethenyl)-2,2-dimethylcyclopropanecarboxylate] as necessary, varying between seasons and planting dates.
At first indication of disease spray with copper fungicide or Daconil, active ingredient chlorothalonil.
Cada 3 semanas fue aplicado el funguicida Daconil (5 ml [l.sup.-1]) y 1 vez por semana, en forma alterna, los insecticidas: Basudin (5 ml [l.sup.-1]), Lorsban (2 ml [l.sup.-1]), Vydate (2,5 ml [l.sup.-1]) y Decis (2 ml [l.sup.-1]).