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 (dā′krŏn′, dăk′rŏn′)
A trademark for a synthetic polyester fabric or the fiber from which it is made.


(ˈdeɪkrɒn; ˈdæk-)
(Textiles) the US name (trademark) for Terylene


(ˈdeɪ krɒn, ˈdæk rɒn)
a brand of polyester fiber.
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Noun1.Dacron - a kind of polyester fabric
polyester - any of a large class of synthetic fabrics
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product


® [ˈdækrɒn] N (US) → Dacrón ® m


n (US) → Dacron® nt


® [ˈdækrɒn] nDacron ® m inv
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Tenders are invited for supply of filter elements and dacron sleeves as per iocl rfq requirement
Recently, Dacron and Kevlar have been using for parachute canopies, but Nylon remains the most popular material.
Presently, synthetic vascular Grafts are most commonly used which are made of either Dacron or Teflon.
Traditionally, polyester Dacron and Micron gets the nod, either 20-pound-test or 30-pound depending on fly tackle class.
(1) One report has described pseudointimal dissection in a Dacron graft leading to re-coarctation, which was managed surgically.
A valve-sparing remodeling procedure was done using a dacron straight graft of 24 mm.
LARS employs Dacron (polyethylene terephthalate), utilized in vascular implants and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repairs.
The formation of angiosarcoma has been found in relation to Dacron graft as reported in several cases.[sup][2] These cases all involve endovascular lesion with graft implantation made of Dacron.
To perform an endovascular repair, the surgeon inserts a catheter containing a Dacron tube on a stent into an artery and feeds it into the bulge.
We padded the inner layer of the wall with a Dacron graft.
El objetivo de nuestro estudio es evaluar las complicaciones asociadas a la tecnica quirurgica del cateter peritoneal, incluyendo tanto las asociadas a su colocacion (disfuncion, extrusion del dacron externo, fuga pericateter), como a una reparacion abdominal incompleta (hernias, eventraciones, omentectomias insuficientes).
BT is named "Remedy" while Verizon Business is called "Dacron" and Vodafone Cable "Gerontic".