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Ambulatory legs 1-4 (pereiopods 2-5) similar in females, somewhat unequal and longer in males, dactyli slender in both sexes, longer in males, third longest in male, fourth longest in female; third ambulatory leg longest in males, second and third ambulatory legs subequal and longest in females.
Armases species have a flattened and slightly broader than long carapace, long propodi, and short dactyli in the legs for climbing the tree stem (VANNINI et al.
IK, M) all tiny, though slightly larger posteriorly, arrayed along lateral margins of pereon and extending little beyond those margins, pereopods 1 and 2 clustered closely together, and pereopods 6 and 7 similarly clustered on both sides; all articles of all pereopods separate, dactyli reduced and blunt anteriorly (Fig.
Porphyry, VP 17) Going to Crete, Pythagoras besought initiation from the priests of Morgos, one of the Idaean Dactyli, by whom he was purified with the keraunia lithos.
Ademas de los bosques riparios, tambien se encuentran zarzales de Rosetum micrantho-agrestis y como etapas herbaceas los juncales churreros de Holoschoenetum vulgaris y los fenalares de Mantisalco salmanticae-Brachypodietum phoenicoidis, convertidos por el pisoteo del ganado en gramales de Trifolio fragiferi-Cynodontetum dactyli.
Mature males of this species can be easily recognized by the propodus and dactyli subequal in length to the palm, covered by a dense velvety pubescence.
Cuando la sequia es extrema y muy prolongada se origina un aumento en el nivel de las sales, que determina las condiciones ecologicas optimas para el desarrollo del Cynodetum dactyli.
These characters, which include carapace shape and color, sizes of spines, and sh ape of the dactyli of the walking legs (Manning and Holthuis, 1984, 1989) are mostly morphometric.
Then in September the International Astronomical Union approved the permanent name Dactyl, derived from beings in Greek mythology called Dactyli who lived on Mount Ida in the company of Zeus.
Dactyli of P2-P5 slightly curved at tip, relative length 3 > 4 > 2 > 5, those of P3 subequal to or longer than respective propodi.