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v. t.1.To hold up by leading strings or by the hand, as a child while he toddles.
Little children when they learn to go
By painful mothers daded to and fro.
- Drayton.
v. i.1.To walk unsteadily, as a child in leading strings, or just learning to walk; to move slowly.
No sooner taught to dade, but from their mother trip.
- Drayton.
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For example, activists expect to feel much of the responsibility for implementing a new Dade County landscape ordinance requiring an increase in tree canopy and energy-conservation through tree plantings.
At an Arbor Day ceremony to kick off the Dade County Plant-A-Thon, local environmental groups, sponsors, students, and supporters gathered in front of the courthouse to celebrate the culmination of three years of fundraising, research, and planning.
Some of the Walk money will go to support the Tamiami Pine Preserve, part of Dade County's 4,400 acres of pine rockland.
Hurricane Andrew's destruction of Dade County's trees and forests mobilized scientists, government officials, citizen activists, and businesses to join AMERICAN FORESTS in Miami on January 13 for the launching of two environmental improvement programs.
Before long father and daughter had 90 Dade County high schools raising money to purchase rainforest.