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v. t.1.To hold up by leading strings or by the hand, as a child while he toddles.
Little children when they learn to go
By painful mothers daded to and fro.
- Drayton.
v. i.1.To walk unsteadily, as a child in leading strings, or just learning to walk; to move slowly.
No sooner taught to dade, but from their mother trip.
- Drayton.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Alternative investment manager Audax Private Equity reported on Wednesday that it has completed the divestiture of Imperial Dade Intermediate Holdings LLC to Bain Capital Private Equity LP for an undisclosed amount.
Imperial Dade said the move strengthens the company's presence in the regional market.
Dade County Federal will serve as the presenting sponsor of "Finstory," the Dolphins original digital content series.
The police department applauded Sister Margaret Ann's work and encouraged other residents of Dade County to also contribute with the clean-up effort.
It's a worldwide problem, and it is something that institutions such as Miami Dade College can help in bringing about significant solutions, allow people to believe in themselves, because, like me, many students come to us because they feel this is the only ticket to a better life, the only ticket to the American dream, to the middle class," Padron adds.
Federal officials said one of North Dade's biggest mistakes was violating PATRIOT Act regulations requiring financial institutions to review and respond quickly to FinCEN information requests submitted on behalf of law enforcement.
DADE diamine (2.261 g, 1.129 X [10.sup.-2] mol) was added to a DMAc solution and stirred for 30 min.
In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Royal Oaks Nursing Center, 37300 Royal Oaks Lane, Dade City, Florida 33525.
Dade said FOCAL's total budget is about $1 million.
The European Commission cleared, on 25 October, the acquisition of Dade Behring (US) by Siemens AG (Germany).aDade Behring manufactures IVD (in-vitro diagnostic) systems for hospitals and medical laboratories.
Siemens AG agreed to acquire Dade Behring Holdings Inc.