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Noun1.Dafla - little known Kamarupan languages
Kamarupan - the Tibeto-Burman language spoken in northeastern India and adjacent regions of western Burma
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From 1800-1895: tribal uprising of Chotanagpur region, Santhal, Munda of Bihar, Gond of Bastar, Bhil &Koli in western India, Synteng of Jaintia Hills, Mishi, Khasi, Dafla, Lushai, Singpoetc of North East India; Juang, Koya & Kond of Odisha, From 1911-1945: tribal revolt of Bastar, Tana Bhagat movement of Bihar, Koya, Naga, Gond, Naik, tribes of Andaman Nicobar etc.
Dr Dafla Abdulghani, deputy director of slaughterhouses department said that Mawashi in co-operation with the Consumer Protection Department at the Ministry of Business and Trade has launched the initiative to fulfill the meat needs of Ramadan at affordable prices, which are even less than the original cost to stabilise the market.
In an attempt to popularize the local products of Arunachal, the British authorities, for example in the London exhibition of 1862, displayed coal from Tirap, limestone from Digaru hills, Aconite (Mishmi Bih), mineral water from Singhpo area, and madder from Miri, Dafla, Abor, etc.