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You may find that somebody may not be a Dagao but he will be able to judge Dagaba people because he knows that, as the xylophone plays, 'This is the way you need to dance, and we expect to see A, B, C and D in your dancing.
Ese ano le llegaron mas refuerzos, desde Aupoa (cerca de Xiamen,) vinieron dos beatas, la ya mencionada Kang Kiek (Kiet-a, Rosa) y Kho Sun-kui (Ines), y el 2 de julio de 1862 llegaron a Dagao desde China, el citado P.
1694; Yuzhi dagao xubian (Grand pronouncement; 1386 edition), in Hongwu yuzhi quanshu (A complete collection of the imperial commands of Hongwu) (Anhui: Huangshan shushe), 839.