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 (dä′gĭ-stän′, dăg′ĭ-stăn′)
An autonomous republic of southwest Russia bordering on the Caspian Sea. It was ceded to Russia by Persia in 1813.

Da′ge·sta′ni (-stä′nē, -stăn′ē) adj. & n.
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Noun1.Dagestani - an ethnic minority living on the Caspian Sea in southwestern Russia and Azerbaijan
ethnic minority - a group that has different national or cultural traditions from the majority of the population
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The exhibition will feature Azerbaijani, Albanian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Dagestani, Afghan, Algerian, Georgian, Indian, Indonesian, Iraqi, Iranian, Cypriot, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Libyan, Hungarian, Macedonian, Moroccan, Egyptian, Mongolian, Uzbek, Pakistani, Romanian, Serbian, Syrian, Tajik, Turkish, Yemeni and Greek musical instruments.
The undefeated Dagestani added: "The last three years, he [McGregor] only had one victory - in amateur boxing.
The Executive Director of JOHUD, Farah Dagestani, and the Head of Technical Assistance for the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Program in Jordan, Emile Assi, signed the agreement, in the presence of the European Union Ambassador in Amman Andrea Fontana.
Dagestani champ Nurmagomedov was banned for nine months and is not expected to defend the belt until November or December.
The Dagestani champion was sentenced to a nine-month suspension with a fine of $500,000.
Despite the indiscretion and the fact he isn't even from this region, the Dagestani fighter won a legion of fans in the Middle East, and now UFC Gyms are expecting that to translate into more gyms and members regionally.
He was feted by thousands of fans on his return to his Dagestani homeland, and later met Russian President Vladimir Putin.
His big grudge match and return to the MMA Octagon saw him defeated by Dagestani fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov, who then vaulted out of the ring and sparked a melee in the crowd.
One of Russia's current top tightrope walkers, Rasul Abakarov, is of Dagestani origin though he grew up in Saint Petersburg.
Featuring a flying carpet in the middle of the lobby, the centerpiece is also accompanied by an art exhibition, in collaboration with a contemporary crystal artist, Natalie Dagestani.
Alisa Ganieva's debut novel, The Mountain and the Wall (Deep Vellum, 2015), introduced anglophone readers to the intricacies of Dagestani culture and society.