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A dome-shaped monument used as a Buddhist or Jainist reliquary or commemorative shrine. Also called tope3.

[Sanskrit stūpaḥ, tuft of hair, crown of the head, summit, stupa.]


(Buddhism) a domed edifice housing Buddhist or Jain relics. Also called: tope
[C19: from Sanskrit: dome]


(ˈstu pə)

n., pl. -pas.
a dome-shaped mound or monument used as a Buddhist shrine.
[1875–80; < Skt stūpa]


A three-dimensional mandala used on a shrine. It represents the Buddha’s mind.
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Noun1.stupa - a dome-shaped shrine erected by Buddhists
shrine - a place of worship hallowed by association with some sacred thing or person
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The 1,500-year-old attraction has more than 2,300 grottoes with 110,000 Buddhist figures and images, over 80 dagobas and 2,800 inscribed tablets on cliffs along a one-kilometer stretch of the Yishui River.
Long lines of devotees dressed in white climb the many steps to the top of the Mihintale hill first to the temple, and then to the dagobas that lie adorn the nearby hillocks.
O mesmo se da com o xintoismo japones, a religiao natural da pureza ritual (animais sagrados e vestes clericais, cerimoniais ou de luto brancos), com o hinduismo (robes dos sacerdotes, marcas de casta, estruturas de templos), e especialmente com o budismo (o botao de lotus branco, o elefante branco, as stupas, as dagobas, os pagodas, as chortas, os muros de oracao, os mosteiros, povoados monasticos e paisagens inteiramente brancas).
Anuradhapura, dating back to around 400BC, is a complex of palaces and dagobas, huge hemispherical structures, which often reach well over 50m today ( originally they would have been even higher.