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a.1.Full of daisies; adorned with daisies.
The grass all deep and daisied.
- G. Eliot.
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amid the ripple of light laughter and the sparkle of bright eyes; and this deep knowledge was dug up in the quiet study, where the bust of Pallas looks serenely down on the leather-scented shelves; and this heap belongs to the crowded street; and that to the daisied field--the heap that would tower up high above the rest as a mountain above hills would be the one at which we should look up and say: this noblest pile of all--these glorious paintings and this wondrous music, these trumpet words, these solemn thoughts, these daring deeds, they were forged and fashioned amid misery and pain in the sordid squalor of the city garret.
In the evenings they rambled in the low-lying, daisied, shore fields under a golden moon, or they sat in the living room at the little house where often the coolness of the sea breeze justified a driftwood fire, and talked of the thousand and one things which happy, eager, clever young people can find to talk about.
The murderer, full of anxious thoughts, looked after him, and paced up and down, disquieted by every breath of air that whispered among the boughs, and by every light shadow thrown by the passing clouds upon the daisied ground.
Three weeks later, when Dorlcote Mill was at its prettiest moment in all the year,--the great chestnuts in blossom, and the grass all deep and daisied,--Tom Tulliver came home to it earlier than usual in the evening, and as he passed over the bridge, he looked with the old deep-rooted affection at the respectable red brick house, which always seemed cheerful and inviting outside, let the rooms be as bare and the hearts as sad as they might inside.
27) There are glimmerings of greatness here, but too often a sonnet like "To the Winds," which contains some lovely and original lines ("And oft I stretch me on the daisied ground, / To see you crimp the wrinkled flood below") is spoiled by weak exclamatory praise, whose archaisms congeal the poem's organic flow: "Painters of Nature
Here Christian was armed for his meeting with Apollyon by the sisters Discretion, Prudence, Piety and Charity; while near by, two children and a collie dog crossed a daisied meadow on their way to school.
When I was three months old Mother rode home by a different route over the daisied plains by the sparkling rivulets where some of our longest creek-rivers began.
Storks migrating to Scandinavia rest for a while on the daisied and germandered turf of the riverbank.
Glover felt that Marris was 'leading New Zealand's poetry along the daisied path of pallid good taste'.