Dakin's solution

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Da·kin's solution

A dilute aqueous solution of sodium hypochlorite used in cleansing wounds.

[After Henry Drysdale Dakin (1880-1952), British biochemist.]

Dakin's solution

(Medicine) a dilute solution containing sodium hypochlorite and boric acid, used as an antiseptic in the treatment of wounds
[C20: named after Henry D. Dakin (1880–1952), English chemist]
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In a retrospective review, it was compared the efficacy of wound management with daily povidone iodine dressing versus Dakin's solution (sodium hypochlorite) which has wide antimicrobial efficacy against aerobic and anaerobic organisms.
Dakin's solution, tentatively titled the Universal Entrepreneur Education System, "is an online architecture using software objects for the different components of a learning system," he explained.
A successful method of irrigating infected wounds was devised using Dakin's solution, but this has been superseded by the use of antibiotics.