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Noun1.Dalbergia - large genus of tropical trees having pinnate leaves and paniculate flowers and cultivated commercially for their dramatically grained and colored timbers
rosid dicot genus - a genus of dicotyledonous plants
Papilionoideae, subfamily Papilionoideae - alternative name used in some classification systems for the family Papilionaceae
Dalbergia latifolia, East India rosewood, East Indian rosewood, Indian blackwood, Indian rosewood - East Indian tree having a useful dark purple wood
Dalbergia sissoo, sisham, sissoo, sissu - East Indian tree whose leaves are used for fodder; yields a compact dark brown durable timber used in shipbuilding and making railroad ties
Dalbergia cearensis, kingwood tree, kingwood - Brazilian tree yielding a handsome cabinet wood
Brazilian rosewood, caviuna wood, Dalbergia nigra, jacaranda - an important Brazilian timber tree yielding a heavy hard dark-colored wood streaked with black
cocobolo, Dalbergia retusa - a valuable timber tree of tropical South America
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Protozoidal activities of Eucalyptus cammeldulensis, Dalbergia sissoo and Acacia arabica woods and their different parts on the entozoic flagellates of Heterotermes indicola and Coptotermes heimi.
The department planned to bring investors for planting native species of tree like Acacia nilotica (Kikar), Populus euphratica (Bhan), Albizia lebbeck (Siris), Morus alba (Toot), Dalbergia sissoo (Shisham), Eucalyptus camaldulensis (Sufeda) and Sesbania bispinosa (Jantar), while industrialists were expected to bring in a wood-based industry.
3 % del indice VIR (Cuadro 3), estas fueron: Haematoxylum campechianum, Dalbergia glabra, Havardia albicans, Cameraria latifolia y Croton reflexifolius.
O subgrupo (1b) apresentou as seguintes especies preferenciais: Alchornea glandulosa, Allophylus edulis, Annona emarginata, Araucaria angustifolia, Banara tomentosa, Casearia decandra, Casearia obliqua, Citrus sinensis, Dalbergia frutescens, Hennecartia omphalandra, Ilex paraguariensis, Luehea divaricata, Matayba elaeagnoides, Myrsine umbellata, Nectandra lanceolata, Ocotea indecora, Parapiptadenia rigida, Senegalia recurva e Styrax acuminatus.
The fragrant rosewood Dalbergia odorifera, in particular, is in high demand for the timber market and fetches USD $1000/kg, and wood from the Exianling area is considered to be of the best quality.
Analgesic and anti-pyretic activities of Dalbergia sissoo leaves.
Out of this forest area, 690-acre area is not afforested while trees of Eucalyptus and Dalbergia (Sheesham) in multiple lakhs of number are planted on 1,900 acres of land.
2012) and Dalbergia cearensis Ducke (Nogueira, Gallao, Bezerra, & Medeiros Filho, 2014), which are capable of germinating in the both presence and absence of light.
Hong Kong Customs seized about 73 300 kilograms of suspected Dalbergia cochinchinensis wood logs from three containers at the Tsing Yi Customs Cargo Examination Compound and Kwai Chung Customhouse Cargo Examination Compound on July 26 and 28.
Anti-inflammatory activity of Dalbergia lanceolaria barks ethanol extract in mice and rats.