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Da·lai La·ma

 (dä′lī lä′mə)
The traditional temporal head of the dominant sect of Buddhism in Tibet and Mongolia, revered by Tibetan Buddhists as the living incarnation of the bodhisattva of compassion.

[Tibetan : Mongolian dalai, ocean + Tibetan bla-ma, monk (so called because he is known as the ocean of compassion); see lama.]

Dalai Lama

(ˈdælaɪ ˈlɑːmə)
1. (Buddhism) (until 1959) the chief lama and ruler of Tibet
2. (Biography) born 1935, the 14th holder of this office (1940), who fled to India (1959): Nobel peace prize 1989
3. (Biography) born 1935, the 14th holder of this office (1940), who fled to India (1959): Nobel peace prize 1989
[from Mongolian dalai ocean; see lama]

Da•lai La•ma

(ˈdɑ laɪ ˈlɑ mə)
1. the title for the traditional ruler and chief monk of Tibet.
2. (Tenzin Gyatso), born 1935, Tibetan religious and political leader, in exile since 1959: the Dalai Lama since 1940; Nobel peace prize 1989.
[< Mongolian, =dalai ocean + lama a celibate priest]
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Noun1.Dalai Lama - chief lama and once ruler of TibetDalai Lama - chief lama and once ruler of Tibet  
lama - a Tibetan or Mongolian priest of Lamaism
dalai láma

Dalai Lama

[ˈdælaɪˈlɑːmə] NDalai Lama m
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As the Dali Lama said, "There's truth with compassion.
Other honors include the Dali Lama Foundation's Compassion in Action Award, the H.
The Dali Lama of dough does his best to engage his audience - but he was always a bit shy in the charisma stakes and his IQ is more than a few slices short of a loaf.
I have asked dozens of people in one-to-one conversions and thousands of people in seminars and groups this simple question: "Would you rather spend five minutes, in person, alone with His Holiness the Dali Lama, the Pope, or your favorite thought leader, or read every book he or she has ever written?
Alive: The Dali Lama, Helen Mirren, Jeremy Wade (River Monsters) and Stevie Nicks.
King, the Dali Lama, Nelson Mandela and Nobel Peace Prize winners Betty Williams and Mairead Maguire -- "great moral exemplifyers of our world'' -- as she gave a lesson about refusing to dehumanize those who dehumanize you.
When you think of people describing their experiences, seeing charisma in action, it doesn't matter whether it's Bill Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, or the Dali Lama, they often mention this quality.
China considers annexed Tibet as an integral part of its nation and dismisses the Dali Lama as a trouble-maker.
Nelson Mandela and the current Dali Lama were the only two living people chosen repeatedly in the survey to be included in the set.
com/) his very own tumblr page , where fans create their own spoof versions of the photographs, including one of Serge meeting the Dali Lama.
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Watson: The Dali Lama, because of his compassion and commitment to peace and commitment to the planet.

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